Song Backstory: In case any of you are really wondering...

You know, you only get something done if you actually do it.  I’m still figuring a lot out about what makes a good song. I don’t have a record deal or an A&R department.  And I’m the best producer and engineer that I could afford.  I’m still figuring out my “voice” as an artist...but I think that’s a perpetually evolving thing.   

So, a few notes about these songs... 


She Hides Away

When you hear “She Hides Away,” you’re hearing 10 different guitar tracks over the course of the song, as well as words to describe the sense of feeling overwhelming when you are trying to get to know someone who has to cope with incredibly debilitating shyness.  Have you ever known someone like this?  It’s as though you can’t make a move without feeling like you’re overly aggressive -- even though it’s not intentional.  But hey: this is the first song on the album anyway, and I wanted to greet you with a bunch of guitars all at once!



Have you ever had someone call you in the middle of the night while you’re in a heavy sleep, and then they start with something incredibly serious to talk about?  I love coming up with a driving guitar riff like in “Awake,” and I think that’s what happens in the back of your mind when that phone rings at 3 am.  Just so you know: neither the girl nor the guy who I talk about in the song don’t have my current phone number anymore.  (By the way -- you guys: I’m sorry.  I’ve got plenty of love; I just can’t solve your problems for you.)


Everything’s Cool

This song...well...I think it’s pretty much self-explanatory.  Actually, I just don’t want to go into it!


Tonight, Tonight

I went to college in North Carolina and had a good room mate and a good group of people we hung out with.  He started dating one of the girls in this group in a really awkward way, and it still makes me laugh.  Chicks, man.  Context: back then, we listened to a ton of Pink Floyd, Rush, Grateful Dead, Clash, Public Image Ltd, among name it (and we must have burned a “laser groove” in the “Mother’s Milk” CD by the Red Hot Chili Peppers).  Anyway, after listening to some Pink Floyd one night, a group of them went out (I only witnessed what happened the next day). From what he told me, though, I guess this girl wouldn’t look at him or talk to him all night, but she was always in his line of sight, always sitting beside him, walking beside him, and generally driving him nuts.  24 hours later, he got really pissed off at her (and I mean “really”) but then dated her for 2 years.  24 years later, I give you “Tonight, Tonight.”



This started out as an instrumental with a “space music” undertone.  I’m very motivated and inspired by any theoretical science, especially that related to the cosmos.  As I was finalizing songs, I didn’t quite know where to go with some of the ideas in this tune and actually cut it from the lineup (along with several other songs).  The song I was gonna replace it with, however, got about two solid months of effort out of me before I woke up one Saturday morning and said, “no...this song sucks -- it has no spine -- it’s done.”  And thus, this instrumental was back in! 

But something was still missing.  I felt the music really of wanted to tell a story...and who am I to say no?

I knew this girl a while back who suffers from treatable depression.  She’s a great artist and really insightful and innovative, but I’d bet that even those closest to her feel sometimes shut out.  As a result, I definitely picked up that even once you were “in” her circle, you were permanently on “probation:” I suppose that since achieving the sense of balance she needed to function, she’s hesitant about being open to anyone.  I understand her need to keep things that way.  My own drifting orbit led me into another region of space and I hope for nothing but the best, and given the friends I referred to in talking about “Awake,” I feel that way about anyone dealing with depression.  So hey: find yourself at peace. 


Feel As You Feel

This track is a little risky (actually, what the hell am I worried about: I’m self-releasing an album)!!  But anyway, I really like the vibe of this song, and the etherial feel of it.  I whisper-sang a version in a separate track in the song in order to give it a more surreal feel.  The reason why it’s risky is because in terms of format, it has one actual “chorus” and one “alt chorus.”  It was a mistake at first, but something about it captured my attention and I feel it may be a bit stronger and less monotonous as a song.  



All I’ll say about this one is this: searching one’s soul is like descending through a mineshaft in the middle of the night.  Oh, yeah: that and I’m really proud of this guitar solo.


New Day

Every baseball player knows that no matter how good they are, no matter how bold, at some point in time, it’s time to go: they’ve crushed their last 97-mph fastball to a cheering crowd on the far side of that distant fence.  I’m not a baseball player -- and I don’t have a cheering crowd right now -- but, in a sense, the same thing is kind of happening to me at this point in time.  

I’m lifting a glass to those who keep swinging.

Foundation - by Leonard Faraday

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